COVID-19 Update

In order to protect our clients and staff, until further notice,

Sudbury Vacuum will be doing Curbside and Delivery Orders.


We highly recommend that you place a Curbside Pick-Up order before arrival,

by online, email or telephone at 705-560-1841.

This will greatly reduce your wait time.

When you arrive and find our doors locked, you are welcome to wait until we are able to safely serve you.

However, we are unable to estimate wait times.

When You Arrive:

STEP 1 – Remain in your vehicle

STEP 2 – Call us at 705-560-1841 to let us know you are in the parking lot.

                 – For Online Orders: See Step 4.

STEP 3 – Place Order and Make Payment Via Telephone

                 – Visa Or Mastercard Preferred, Cash Accepted

STEP 4 – We will process your order and set the items on the Designated Pick-Up Table

For more information, please contact us at 705-560-1841 or online at



Sudbury Vacuum thanks all our clients for their patience and understanding.