Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose DrainVac?

Ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and professionalism—at your service for 35 years. Our in-depth knowledge, our experience, and our passion combine to offer you the most complete and best-performing product on the market, whether your needs are residential, commercial, or industrial!

Drainvac is a Quebec company with a vision for the future. But the future cannot be conceived of without a global concern for the environment and sustainable development. This is the reason we have instituted many recovery and recycling measures.

What differentiates Drainvac from other similar maintenance products?

Drainvac offers the greatest range of products on the market, one of which is unique:a vacuum that drains automatically. So far, no other similar product comes close to the impressive characteristics of this vacuum invented by Conrad Sévigny.

The small family business founded by Mr. Sévigny in 1982 in Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec, Canada) rapidly became a thriving company. Leader in the vacuum industry and producer of the first central vacuum for liquids and solids connected to a drain, Drainvac has many retail dealers in North America and an impressive network of distributors in more than 25 countries around the world.

Where does the hose go?

This DrainVac VacReel Retractable Hose System can be installed on the wall, on the ceiling, or on the floor.

Can a DrainVac VacReel Hose Management System be installed in an existing business?

Please contact Sudbury Vacuum for an on-site evaluation of your business to make sure it is suitable for a DrainVac VacReel Hose Management System. 

How long are the Hoses?

With the DrainVac VacReel Hose Management System, includes a 50′ Regular or Antistatic Hose.

You can also upgrade to a 40′ Regular or Antistatic Hose with a 40′ High-Pressure Hose for Hot Water or Compressed Air. One of the benefits of a high-pressure hose is that you can now use your DrainVac Central Vacuum System as a Carpet and Upholtstery Extractor, doubling the productivity of your Central Vacuum System.

What type of hoses can I get?

We offer 4 options for hoses. The Regular Hose, Antistatic Hose, Regular Hose with High-Pressure Hose and Antistatic Hose with High-Pressure Hose. All can be purchased with a DrainVac VacReel Hose Management System or separately at most desired lengths.

How do you turn the power unit on?

The accessory holder has a microswitch, which is connected to the vacuum. Simply remove a tool to use and the vacuum will turn on. Once finished, return the tool to the accessory holder and vacuum will automatically turn off.

What is this Automatic self-flushing central vacuum cleaner?

Better known as the Drainvac Automatik, this revolutionary machine—considered to be the best on the market environmentally—connects directly to the water pipes and sewer drainage of a house or business. The principle is simple: water, suction, and a drain. With the automatic-drain vacuum, there are no more bags to change and no more filters to clean—it empties itself.

How does the Drainvac Automatic system work?

As soon as the vacuum is turned on, water sprays at the opening where dust enters the appliance. The dust becomes heavier and settles to the bottom of the tank. The tank is sealed by a valve that remains closed when the vacuum is in operation. After 15 minutes, the vacuum stops automatically. As soon as the vacuum stops, the tank empties itself for 10 seconds into the sewer drain of the house or business. Then the vacuum automatically starts again. This cycle repeats itself for as long as the vacuum is in operation. When the vacuum is turned off, the water drains. Water never accumulates in the tank so it remains clean.

How do I maintain and clean the Automatik?

The only time water travels through the vacuum’s hose and pipes is when picking up liquid. This might leave the hose and pipes dirty. To clean them, simply vacuum some clean water from a sink. Then, leave the vacuum on to suck in air for 10 minutes. This will dry out the hose and pipes.

Maintenance must be done as stipulated in the manufacturer’s warranty, that is, every 5 years.

Where do I get replacement parts?

You should always rely on your local dealer, Sudbury Vacuum Sales & Service Ltd. for service, repair, installation, and replacement parts. Please contact us if you have any questions.