Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the hose go?

The Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System harnesses the suction from the Power Unit (usually installed in the garage) to retract the hose back into the PVC tubing hidden within the walls, and floor joists, of your home.

Can a Hide-A-Hose system get installed in an existing home?

As long as there is access to an open basement ceiling or crawl space, the Hide-A-Hose system can be installed in most homes. Please contact us for an analysis of your home to make sure it is suitable for a Hide-A-Hose system.

Can you retrofit an existing central vacuum system?

Sometimes.  The Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system stores the hose in the PVC tubing using special sweep 90’s and 45’s.  Available open basement ceilings or crawl space can be used to add these pipe runs, which could then be connected to your existing system. Please contact us to evaluate your power unit and tools for use with the Hide-A-Hose system.

How long are the Hoses?
With the Hide-A-Hose System, a 30′, 40′, or 50′ hose can be used. The benefit of a longer hose is that the number of inlets needed is reduced. Fewer inlets will save money while making vacuuming more convenient.
What type of hoses are available?

We offer two types of hoses. The RapidFlex™ hose was designed for Hide-A-Hose to be used without a cloth cover (hose sock). We also offer a SmartSoc ™ hose that has the hose sock installed.  Both hoses have been designed to work specifically with the Hide-A-Hose system. We cannot guarantee the system will work properly with the use of other hose brands.  

Will the Hose Sock get dirty from being stored in the tubing?

Hose socks do pick up dirt from floors while vacuuming.  However, with a Hide-A-Hose System, the sock actually stays cleaner than a hose sock with a standard central vac system.  When the power unit is turned on, the suction in the vacuum tubing removes much of the dust and debris from the sock.  A hose stored in a closet does not have this advantage.  Also, because there is no wiring in the hose, it is washable: remove the hose (with sock) from the inlet, wash, dry, and retract back into the inlet.

How do you turn the power unit on?

The system can be turned on and off with a low voltage switch at each inlet.  Hide-A-Hose also offers the option of a wireless handle.  With an RF Ready Grip handle, turn your system on or off with the flip of a switch where you stand. 

What kind of Power Brush can I use?

There are 2 types of power brushes used with Central Vacuum Systems – turbine and electric.  Hide-A-Hose offers both: Turbocat and Turbocat Zoom Turbine Powerheads, or the CX1000 Battery Powered Electric Nozzle.  The choice is yours.

Where do I get replacement parts?

You should always rely on your local dealer, Sudbury Vacuum Sales & Service Ltd. for service, repair, installation, and replacement parts.