BEAM Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum Power Unit

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The compact powerful BEAM Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum System combines high-performance cleaning with convenient features and is ideal for standard-size to large homes.


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The BEAM Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum Power Unit comes with a high-efficiency motor that delivers 650 AW of power while using 30% less energy than traditional central Vacuum motors. The external muffler dampens the sound, operating at 68 decibels (a doorbell is 80 decibels), and the double D-shaped nozzle design decreases the noise at the hose handle itself, while also increasing suction power.


Easy Power Control

To operate, simply plug the hose into one of the handy wall inlet valves. The metal ring on the cutoff of the hose will complete a low-voltage electrical circuit, which in turn activates a relay and turns on the system's power unit. To turn off the power unit, simply unplug the hose from the inlet. There are optional hoses available with an on/off switch located on the handle.


15 Litre Dirt Capacity

Emptying the 15L bucket has never been easier - simply press down on any two points around the ring and pull down. It easily snaps back into place with one hand. If you don't like the mess of dumping the bucket, you can add a bag.


Low Maintenance

The motor never needs lubrication. Bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated. BEAM's exclusive filter is permanent and self-cleaning. The Gore-Tex filter actually cleans itself every time you turn the unit off so you don't have to. With the optional HEPA filter, there is no need to vent outside, as it removes any impurities left in the air before it is recirculated. If you have pets, it is recommended to vent outside to prevent pet odours from being recirculated.


Central Utility Inlet Valve

Opens easily with the touch of a finger. The powered Quick Clean Valve lets you turn on the system from the hose handle and is great for quick clean-ups around the power unit without having to install additional inlet valves. Conveniently clean your basement, garage or car by plugging your hose directly into the Central Utility Inlet located on your power unit.


BEAM Alliance Smart Screens

The BEAM Alliance monitoring system with the unique 360° LED light ring, provides continuous communication to the hose handle displaying essential system performance and operational elements. The Intelligent Smart Screen features a motion sensored backlit ring system-on indicator, hose linked icon, empty bucket icon, and motor fault icon. Advanced Fingertip Controls electronically adjust suction and turns the entire system on/off with the push of a button. The power unit communicates with the hose handle to keep you informed about the level of performance of the system while Vacuuming.


Powerful Whole House Cleaning

No matter what your home size there is a BEAM Central Vacuum System that will fit your cleaning needs ideally. With many cleaning kits and Accessories available, you can customize the Vacuum of your choice to meet the needs of your home.


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