Centaur SL-3 Dry Vacuum Cleaner



The Centaur SL-3 Dry Vacuum Cleaner is built with all-metal parts to withstand the most rigorous use.


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Centaur designs their machines with lasting power in mind. The SL-3 Dry Vacuum has a metal motor housing, metal castors, metal latches and a metal intake valve, which means this machine could last for up to 30 years.


With a 12 litre capacity, a 33-foot power cord, and a 10-foot crushproof hose, you will be able to clean anything and anywhere for long periods without stopping. If you choose to use bags, its triple filtration system will ensure that the dust and dirt will stay where it is supposed to: inside the vacuum. First, it goes into the disposable paper bag. Then it is passed through a washable fine dust cloth filter. Lastly, it is passed through a micro corrugated filter which is protected by a foam sleeve. With the SL-3 you have the option of purchasing a variety of attachments to suit your needs. There is also a separate port on the canister to plug in an electric power nozzle, should you choose to purchase one.

Accessories depend on which cleaning kit you chose.

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