Carpet Pro CPU-4T Vacuum Cleaner




The Carpet Pro CPU-4T commercial heavy duty upright vacuum provides reliability, durability and a great value for cleaning carpet, stairs and upholstery.


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The Carpet Pro CPU-4T is a Vacuum built to last, featuring a metal bottom plate, a metal brush roll, and a metal handle.


The brushes on the brush roll are made of Teflon, which guarantees a deep clean on all types of carpet. The patented clean air bypass system allows the exhaust air to bypass the fan and motor, going directly into the bag, extending the life of the motor. The motor also features a thermal overload with a manual reset and a handy clean-out port. This commercial upright was also designed for convenience. At only 15lbs, this Vacuum is on the lighter end of commercial cleaners. With tools that can extend your cleaning reach up to 6 feet, you'll be done in no time.



  • 2 Piece Wand
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush


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