Centaur Rabbit-3 Floor Machine

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The Centaur Rabbit-3 is a Two Speed, Multi-Purpose, 5 in ONE Daily Floor Maintainer.


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The Rabbit-3 replaces the job of 5 machines saving you upfront costs, storage, ongoing repairs and maintenance costs associated with having more equipment.


PLUS, the Rabbit-3 will last you 30+ years compared to the lifespan of other machines.




Cut Down Stripping Time by Up to 50%

Add one 40lb weight to the Rabbit-3 and cut down your stripping time by 25%. Add a second 40lb weight, and you are now able to strip floors in HALF the time it would otherwise take you.


Prevent the Mess from Spraying on Walls, Baseboards Etc.

The integrated SplashGuard on the Rabbit-3 keeps the "mess" under the machine as you're stripping floors. This prevents nearby walls, baseboards, planters, pillars etc., from getting splattered with the dirty mess from the stripping process. This saves you hours of clean-up after a job.


Clean Baseboards in 90%-96% LESS TIME

Easily convert the Rabbit-3 into a Baseboard Cleaning machine by adding the Scrub Jay attachment and the deluxe water tank. What would've been a 5-Hour baseboard stripping job for a working crew, can now be done in less than 30 minutes by just 1 person.


Clean More Areas With The Rabbit-3 (including tight areas like washrooms)

Detach the Integrated SplashGuard on the Rabbit-3 in seconds, and you now have a 13" downsized machine ready to get the job done in tighter spaces. There's no need to bring in another "smaller" machine to get the job done.


Take The Rabbit-3 Anywhere You Go

Detach the handle from the Rabbit-3 machine base (which can be easily done in a matter of seconds), and you can now fit the Rabbit-3 in any car and get to your next job. There is no need for a truck or 2 people to get the Rabbit-3 to a job or carry it up a flight of stairs.

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