Dustcontrol DC Aircube 500

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  • Minimizing airborne dust that is hazardous to your health, e.g. silica dust
  • A good complement to source extraction and suction casings on construction sites
  • A popular choice in bakeries and wood-working shops to purify the air from health-hazardous flour or wood dust
  • Variable speed transmission to save energy, e.g. at night
  • High effective ECO-fan with less energy consumption
  • Low sound level
  • Washable stainless steel filter housing
  • Filter indication lamp that is lit when it’s time to change the filter
  • Trouble-free filter change (cartridge air filter) for easy service
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The DC AirCube 500 has been developed to be a high-performance air cleaner in a small package. Its exterior body is made from stainless steel sheet metal which not only protects it against bumps and drops but also adds significant corrosion resistance. Despite its solid build the DC AirCube 500 weighs only 13kg (29lb). The fan unit is a radial blower with a specially designed scroll to build up high pressure across its dual flow range. This means that the unit generates large amounts of airflow during the entire lifetime of the filter. Capable of flows of 500 m³/h the DC AirCube 500 is capable of fully cycling the air in a 26ftx26ftx26ft room in 1 hour through its pre-filter and certified HEPA filter. Certified HEPA filters are individually tested for effectiveness. If your working space is required to be under negative an inlet hose can be used to create negative pressure in a sealed room. The fans' two-speed settings allow for economical operation, for example during the night. This machine is perfect for renovators or construction crews of all sorts as it provides an extremely portable air cleaner with a high-quality HEPA filter, all wrapped in a durable shell.

All of Dustcontrol Canada's machines are CSA approved

Weight (lb/kg) 29/13
H x W x D (cm/in) 38x34x50 / 15"x13"x20"
Max Q, cfm/m³/h 294/500
Max vacuum, 115 V 400 Pa
Power consumption (W) max 115 V 145
Degree of Separation EN 1822-1 HEPA H13
Sound Level Speed 1 45dB(A)
Speed 2 65dB(A)


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