DrainVac Wet & Dry Automatik Industrial Central Vacuum System

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Industrial-grade central vacuum with automatic draining. Picks up solids and liquids, designed for regular maintenance in all industry types, including automotive, agricultural, food, military, retail and factories. Customized design with three-phase motors supporting up to 6 users at the same time without loss of power.



*Evacuation pipe kit sold separately.




Multi-User Wet & Dry Pick-Up

Supports up to 6 users simultaneously. Picks up solids and liquids.


Easy Maintenance

Ideal for weekly maintenance of all types of industries, such as; agriculture, food sector, automotive, military, supermarkets, etc. Smart circuit board with an electronic timer and indicator lights. Porthole window shows the unit in operation and helps with maintenance. Decanter included for easier maintenance. No cartridge or filter to maintain. Outdoor exhaust required.


Drains Directly into the Sewer System

Drains automatically into the sewer system or can be channelled into a drain. Integrated timer, No bag to empty, no tank to drain; operation is fully automatic! 3 in. / 75 mm drain, Flow rate of 0.6 gal./min. (2.3 L/min.)


Custom-Designed Systems

We take all the options into consideration and will prepare a quote for your specific needs. Below are a few additional options that can be combined with the Automatik Industrial Central Vacuum System.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Option:
  • Adjusts the motors power according to the number of users
  • Save up to 30% on energy
  • Increases the lifespan of the motor
Automatic Pipeline Cleaning System Option:
  • Keeps the pipes from clogging up
  • Keeps constant suction power
  • Avoid costly repairs

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