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The Intervac CondoVac 660 Central Vacuum has an innovative design that locates the motor below the dust bag and the vacuum chamber configuration. Just 4 inches deep, this model is designed to be recess mounted into a 2×4 interior wall (flush-mount), a cabinet or any other stable surface (hang-mount).


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Two Installation Options

Available to be recessed inside a wall (flush-mount) or surface mounted on the wall (hang-mount). The 660-FC flush-mount, in-wall method hides the piping and low voltage wires and can be supplied with an electrical cord, which plugs into a standard electrical outlet, or it can be hardwired inside the wall. If recessed into the wall, exterior depth is less than 4 inches (3 15/16" or 8.9 cm). The 660-HC hang-mount, surface mounted vacuum can have the piping system attached to the top of the unit or can be used without the pipes as a standalone vacuum. If surface mounted, exterior depth is only 7 5/8" or 19.4 cm (when using supplied metal hanger and finishing side panels). It can be hardwired with Romex or furnished with an electrical cord for a sleek mounting option. The vacuum is double insulated, so no ground wire is needed for installation.


Allergen Filtration

Good for allergies with the 7.5-litre Synthetic 5-Layer Filtration Bags. Simply slide from bag collar and discard when full. Optional Outside Exhaust Venting, as shown in the picture.


Optional Additional Standard Inlet Valves

The InterVac CondoVac 660 Central Vacuum includes an Integrated Inlet Valve located on the front of the power unit. The vacuum also has the option to be plumbed to Standard CV Pipe and Low Voltage wiring for additional Standard Inlet Valves if necessary.


Manual Power Switch

There is a Manual Power Switch on the front of the vacuum for operating vacuum when using the Integrated Inlet Valve. Hoses* and Hose Sets* available with switches on the handle for when using additional standard inlet valves. *Switch on Hose Can Not be Used when Using Integrated Inlet Valve.

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Installation Options

Hang-Install, Flush-Install – Hard Wired, Flush-Install – Corded

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