Johnny Vac – Ghibli AS6 Dry Vacuum Cleaner



The Johnny Vac – Ghibli AS6 was built with business owners in mind, loaded up with all the right features to give you the cleaning power that you need, while still being compact and easy to use. It offers up 1300 watts of power, while still operating at a quiet 59 decibels.





Light Weight

Weighing in a 16.9 lbs, it feels like it weighs nothing at all with the large over-moulded wheels and front 360-degree casters.


Easy Maneuverability

With the 30-foot power cord, 8-foot flexible hose, and tools that store right on the vacuum, you can clean without stopping until the job is done.


3-Layer Filtration and Full Bag Indicator

A full bag indicator light lets you know when it's time to change the bag. There is also a port to plug in a powerhead, which can be purchased separately at any time. The Johhny Vac - Ghibli AS6 also works hard to protect your air quality with its stacked filtration system. First, the air flows through a multi-layer synthetic bag, which captures most of the heavy dirt and debris. Then a micro cartridge filter catches the finer dust particles, while a disaster filter protects the motor. Finally, an exhaust filter cleans the air coming out of the vacuum, meaning all of the dirt and debris stay where it belongs: inside the canister.


Many Attachment Options

With the AS6, you have the option of purchasing a variety of attachments to suit your needs. There is also a separate port on the canister to plug in an electric power brush, should you choose to purchase one.

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