Kenmore CF-2 Pre-Motor Filter



Don’t let dust and dirt accumulate inside the vacuum then spreading it around your house. Lengthen the life of your vacuum cleaner plus improve the effectiveness and suction of your vacuum by installing a new bag with the same great quality as the name brand but at an affordable price. We recommend replacing your vacuum bags every 30 to 60 days for the best performance.


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Fits Models:

  • Kenmore Uprights 86884, 20-86884C, 2086884, 4370432, 610488
  • Kenmore Canisters Elegance, Whispertone and Progressive
  • Panasonic MCV9658, MCV5481, MCV7720, MCCG901, MCV194, MCCG902, MCUG323, MCUG327, MCUL423, MCUL425, MCUL427, MCUL429


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