Michael’s Equipment GB14 Battery Floor Scrubber

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The smallest, battery-powered automatic floor scrubber on the market. Easy to operate; fill the solution tank, fit the brush, lower the squeegee and start operating. Battery-powered and therefore, cable-free. A true all-purpose scrubber, the GB14 Gloss Boss can move easily around tables, clean room corners accurately and have access in areas with many obstacles thanks to its handlebar, which ensures 180 degrees of flexibility. It comes with an AGM battery, brush and built-in charger.

Solution Tank 3 Gallons
Recovery Tank 3 Gallons
Working Width 14"
Squeegee Width 17"
Dimensions (L x H x W) 35"x17"x17"
Weight (Without Battery) 95 lb.
Battery Size 12 Volt, 65 AH
Battery Type Maintenance Free
System 12 Volt
Run Time Up to 1.5 Hours
Sq. Ft. Per Hour Productivity Up to 10,225 Sq. Ft.
Forward Speed Brush Assisted
Disc Brushes 14"
Cylindrical Brushes N/A
Brush RPM 160
Brush Motor 1/3HP, 250 Watt
Vacuum Motor 1/3HP, 250 Watt
Construction Polyethylene
Shipping Weight 147 lb.


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