Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Vacuum



Canister vacuum cleaner without bag for maximum extraction power in a compact design.

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The Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog Vacuum is perfect for homes with bare floors, low pile carpets and area rugs. The STB205-3 TurboTeQ Turbo Brush, powered by the suction of your Vacuum, has an air adjustment slide to increase or decrease the power of the agitator. The SBD365-3 AllTeq Combination Floor and Carpet Brush means no having to switch between tools, simply step on a lever to extend the brushes. With no rotating Power Brush, you can protect your flooring and delicate carpets to make them last even longer.




1200 Watt Silence Plus Motor

Ultra-quiet with four speeds, high suction power. Change speeds with the twist of a dial.


Compact Design

Small and powerful: a compact design for easy maneuvering in homes where space is at a premium.



Stability and direction: wheels on the sides of the appliance keep it on track and stop it running into anything.


1 L Dirt Compartment

The 1L dustbin is removed using a carrying handle. The tried-and-tested Click2Open mechanism opens the flap on the dustbin, allowing the contents to be emptied directly into a waste container.


3-Stage Filtration System

All bagless vacuum cleaners from Miele have a 3-stage filtration system.


Easy Parking System

The combination carpet & floor brush is simply hooked onto the side of the vacuum cleaner, leaving the suction tube in a secure position ready for use again. Safe to park: wheels on the side of the appliance mean that the Boost CX1 can be set down on any stair or step.


Sustainable filters

Good for the environment: the frames of the Hygiene AirClean filter are manufactured from recycled plastic.

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  1. Johanne A. (verified owner)

    I love my vacuum and the service is excellent! Call me to make sure it’s the right vacuum! Thanks

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