Sebo ET-1 Power Brush



The Sebo ET-1 Power Brush is an accessory for Central Vacuum Systems and select Sebo Vacuum Cleaners that will greatly enhance its cleaning performance.



It comes with a variety of added features, making it perfect for any carpet type in residential and commercial applications.




Commercial-Grade Parts

The sealed motor and drive belt assembly features a geared belt that maintains direct power to the brush roll without slippage. This coupled with the heavy-duty motor means the life of the Power Head is prolonged.


Jam Indicator

If something jams in the brush roll, an electronic sensor will turn the Power Head off.


Easy Maintenance and Maneuverability

The brush roll can be cleaned and changed with a simple push of a button. The Sebo ET1 also features a 4-level manual height adjustment, a switch to turn the brush roll on and off, a 12" cleaning path and an L-shaped design to easily manoeuvre around furniture.


Sebo ET1 Electric Power Heads purchased at Sudbury Vacuum Sales & Service Ltd qualify for an extended 5-year residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty.


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