Stain-X Grout Cleaner – 24 oz Spray Bottle



Stain-X Grout Cleaner, unlike other general-purpose cleaners, does not contain aggressive acids, solvents, oils or other harsh chemicals. In fact, Stain-X Grout Cleaner is water-based and odour free.



Stain-X Grout Cleaner penetrates deep in the grout and lifts any dirt, oil and salt that builds in your grout over time and causes the colour change. Stain-X Grout Cleaner, while being safe to use, has the power to go after the dirtiest grout and restore it to look more like the day it was installed.


  • Safe and odour-free formula
  • 100% biodegradable, non-acidic
  • Not recommended for the removal of black mould
  • Rinses clean with only water - leaves no residue
  • Will not harm any surface including tile, travertine, natural stone, or any other surface
  • Packaging may vary


USES: Cleans all types of grout including floors, kitchens and bathrooms