Sebo Duo-P Cleaning Powder



Every now and then, your carpet needs a deeper clean. Our duo Dry Cleaning System is formulated to deep clean your entire carpet or spot clean stubborn stains. It uses tiny micro-sponges that dig into fibres and eliminate the deepest, darkest stains?all without soaking your carpet.



Do you want a cost-effective way to clean your carpets AND leave your carpets revived and softer? Sebo has put out a team that can help: the Sebo Duo Brush Machine and the Duo-P Cleaning Powder. The great thing about the Sebo Duo Cleaning System is that it’s entirely dry – it won’t soak your carpets, but it still gives a deep, powerful clean.


Advantages of the Duo System?

  • Do-it-yourself deep cleaning saves you time and money
  • Carpets aren?t soaked so it won?t need days to dry
  • Eliminates any dust-mite allergens that have built up
  • Built-in fibre protector to prevent future stains
  • No pesky detergent residue on your floors
  • No carpet shrinking or damp-smelling mildew


Cleaning Process

The duo Brush Machine?s two counter-spinning brushes open carpet pile, enabling the duo-P Powder to clean each fibre. Weighing only 11 lb, you?ll find it super easy to use. And with a brush-path width of 12.5?, you can clean a room or even an entire house of carpet in no time.


At Sudbury Vacuum, we also offer the Sebo Duo Cleaning System as a daily or weekend-long rental.


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